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  • Facebook Message Style 1.1

    Facebook Message Style is clean looking theme package for the Adium IM client. Features: ??? Native Facebook style ??? Contact list with matching
  • Facebook private message sender 0.01

    want to send a private messages to facebook users ? no problem this tool will make it with an ease ! load the list , make the text u want to send and
  • Send Message Mobile SMS

    Website www.sendmessagemobilesms.com introduced non destructive and read only Send Message Mobile SMS utility to deliver large number of text
  • Facebook Notifications for New Facebook 1.1

    Most Facebook notifications extensions seemed to break with the update to the new facebook so I've written a version to work with the new facebook as
  • XL Delete 2.9.1

    XL Delete is a powerful secure delete tool that will permanently delete files using its powerful wipe engine. XL Delete can permanently remove any
  • Dr Delete 1.0

    Will erase on next PC reboot annoying files This program will erase on next PC reboot annoying files like index.dat, dlls, etc that cannot be
  • Sure Delete 5.1.1

    Remove data from any writable media. Sure Delete is a tool to completely remove data from any writable media. Sure Delete is an utility for
  • Delete XP 1.0

    Delete XP is for deleting files from Command Prompt in Windows (Windows 9x and Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP). Unlike, the standard "DEL" command which only
  • Delete Doctor 2.3

    Now you can delete files that are difficult to delete, such as some files left by viruses and Trojans, or files with corrupted file names. You can
  • Undo Delete 2.00

    You may delete files that you still want to use unintentionally, either from your hard drive or other types of storage devices. Previously, it
  • g0 Secure Delete 1.0

    Simple deleting a file doesn't help much because nothing is deleted. The disk space is beeing made available again to the system, but the actual
  • Delete Cookie 1.02

    Web sites send small text files to your computer to keep track of your information. They are particularly useful when you want a Web site to auto-sign
  • Okoker Delete 3.4

    Okoker Delete is an advanced security application designed to help you permanently delete data from your PC by overwriting it several times with
  • Secure Delete Pro 1.0

    Everyone has some data that they would rather not share with others - passwords, personal information, classified documents from work, financial
  • Trust Delete 3.33

    Trust Delete is a remote data deletion software to protect your confidential data and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands when your PC is
  • Secure Delete 11.04.01

    Are you still confused about the procedure that could help you delete the files permanently from the hard drive then make use of Kernel file shredder
  • !Secure Delete

    You can confidently delete sensitive files from your hard drive by using the fastest way Secure Delete. It assures you that the deleted files are
  • Delete File 11.04.01

    Files and folders with secret content are at a risk of getting misused in a destructive manner if not properly managed. The only way to protect
  • Delete History

    With Delete History you get total confidence and peace of mind for secure computer use by completely and permanently removing all traces and history
  • Delete Profiles 1.10

    Deletes user profiles, based on the number of days since they were last used. Profiles are enumerated from the registry under
  • Delete Cookies 2.0

    You can hide your internet activities from others with handy software utility Delete Cookies. It has user friendly interface allows you to remove all
  • Excel Delete 10.5.18

    Delete blank rows and hidden columns in Excel Delete blank rows and hidden columns in Excel Excel Delete is a Microsoft Excel addin designed to
  • Delete Lines 1.1.0

    Delete/Filter lines from big text files (for example log files). If you have ever been confronted with the problem that you want to delete or filter
  • Delete Duplicates 3.71

    Delete Duplicates? Now duplicate deleting may be done in a very easy way. Delete Duplicates, delete file duplicates, easily delete music duplicates
  • Permanent Delete 1.0

    Permanent Delete is a free utility that can be used to delete files/folders permanently so that no software can recover these files. You can choose
  • PDF Delete Pages 1.2

    PDF Delete Pages is a powerful utility that you can use to delete one or more pages from your PDF documents. You can delete the pages or replace them
  • VF Delete Cookie 1.02

    Web sites send small text files to your computer to keep track of your information. They are particularly useful when you want a Web site to
  • Commando Delete

    Brute force network file delete e.g: 1.In the root of C: 2.Specify Folder 3.In Windows folder 4.In System32
  • Delete It! Forever! 1.0

    Worried that your system isn't as secure as it might be? What if files that you thought were deleted get recovered and viewed by other people?
  • SO Delete History 1.0

    SO Delete History is a perfect browser and PC history cleaning software that helps you to delete all the traces of Internet and computer activities.
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  • Chit Chat for Facebook 1.53

    Chit Chat for facebook is a Social & Communication software developed by Daniel Offer. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Chit Chat for
  • fTalk 2.0

    fTalk is a free Instant Messenger that lets you chat with all of your facebook friends right from your desktop. The friends list displays friends that are online on facebook at any given moment, and a tray notification
  • Facebook Chat DeskTop 1.0

    facebook Chat @Desktop is a free instant messenger (IM) that enables you to chat with your friends directly from desktop.With its advanced GUI, you can see which of your facebook friends are online or offline. With
  • EZ Facebook Overlay 0.40

    Press Ctrl + Alt + f in any tab to quickly Overlay facebook. When done with facebook, click the 'X' at the top right of the overlay or anywhere in the gray outside the overlay. V0.40 adds a Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut to
  • Facebook Chat @Desktop 1.0

    Olcinium facebook Chat @Desktop is a free instant messenger (IM) that enables you to chat with your friends directly from desktop.With its advanced GUI, you can see which of your facebook friends are online or offline.
  • Naevius Facebook IM 1.0

    Naevius facebook IM program keeps you in touch with your facebook friends like never before. It allows you to send instant message to your friends anytime you want. You can also do many facebook things with just one
  • fire Tunes 0.7

    fireTunes is a program that makes sending music to friends as easy as sending them a message. fireTunes works by interacting with your browser to change the 'Send message' PaGE of facebook. It adds the ability to send
  • tunertools Toolbar 6.3

    A yellow star appear on my facebook icon.This means that you have received a new update on facebook, such as a new message, friend request, or group invitation. Just click the menu item to view your update. To receive
  • HGB Toolbar 6.4

    You can remove an RSS reader from your toolbar, while reserving the option to restore it at any time. Simply click on the facebook icon to open the Login dialog, where you will be asked to log in by entering your
  • Facebook Messenger for Windows

    Messenger is a new app that brings facebook to your desktop. While you surf the web or use other applications on your computer, you can: - Chat and message with your friends on facebook - See the latest updates from
  • MyFaceSounds - Change Facebook chat sounds 1.0.9

    MyFaceSounds is a facebook Add On to change your defualt facebook Chat sound, once installed open your facebook and see the new Speaker icon added next to the chat row, click and choose from one of many cool and fun
  • Flysms send webcam video by MMS 0.52

    Send SMS and MMS with Flysms Widget a lot of options are avaibles such as : * Send videos recorded from your Webcam directly to your contact mobile * Send videos downloaded from Youtube in MMS * Send uploaded fotos
  • Free Text Message Sender

    With handy software program Free Text message Sender, you can use your internet browser for sending text messages to any mobile number. It is very easy to use; you just have to enter phone number of the person, and send
  • Facebook Sharer PRO 2.0

    facebook Sharer is the best solution if you are looking: to automatically update your status or share scheduled messages on your facebook wall, to use different facebook accounts for different promotions, to manage
  • Facebook Lite for Pokki 1.0

    A free lightweight facebook desktop app for your Windows PC. Get your latest facebook updates, right from your desktop. All the best parts of facebook are a click away with this lightweight facebook app. With quick
  • bkSMS Picture Message Sender 4.0

    Type a message in any language, and/or Create your own Picture message and Send to a mobilebkSMS Picture message Sender software enables you to type a text message in any language and converts it into a Picture message
  • Facebook Exporter for iPhoto 1.0.6

    facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac has a single role to play. facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac is a plug-in to iPhoto that allows you to export your photos from within iPhoto into your facebook account. The app
  • Facebook App for Pokki 2

    A free facebook desktop app for your Windows PC. Get your latest facebook updates, right from your desktop. Stay up to date on all of your facebook friends and family with quick access to your news feed, messages,
  • Messmo 1.2

    Messmo uses the mobile Internet, and combines SMS with the best of instant messaging and email, to give you: Free TXT: Use real mobile numbers for SMS, Free TXT and attachments. Send to messmo and non messmo users.
  • Research Toolbar 12.0

    The facebook app keeps facebook right on your browser with no need for you to navigate to the facebook website. Use the easy menu for all your usual facebook activities. Click on your facebook icon to open the menu, and
  • Facebook Chat IM 1.0

    facebook Chat IM is a free and open source Instant Messenger for facebook, with it you can chat with all your facebook friends directly from your Desktop without the need to be logged on to facebook, so you can chat
  • Facebook Smileys 2.1

    facebook Smileys is a freeware spicing up the facebook Chat by adding Emoticons, smilies, smileys to the chat. This app will add a small arrow at the top left side of the chat bar, click it and a list of emoticons will
  • Facebook Notifications for New Facebook 1.1

    Most facebook notifications extensions seemed to break with the update to the new facebook so I've written a version to work with the new facebook as of 27th of Feb, 2010. I will update this every time facebook is
  • Free Uploader for Facebook 1.0.12

    Upload videos and images to facebook using Free Uploader for facebook! Free Uploader for facebook. Upload videos and images to facebook! facebook is an organically grown social network and DVDVideoSoft, as a
  • SendSMS for Windows

    2SendSMS is an application using which you can send SMS to mobile phone thru your computer. You can now type in the message using your keyboard. This application is totally FREE and no istall is required. To use it,
  • MyStart Social Toolbar 2.0

    MyStart Social Toolbar is the must-have facebook application to stay connected to your facebook friends. Get instant access to facebook essential bookmarks anytime, anywhere while surfing the Web with your browser.
  • Facebook Pro 1.2

    Now you can get handy face book accessories as well as can access your face book account quickly by using inclusive software facebook Pro. It supports following facebook modes: Lite and mobile.
  • Facebook To-Go 2.3

    Finally a way to quickly access facebook to do all the tasks as opening up the full site. This extension will notify you as soon as you get a notification with the number of Notifications displayed in a badge on the
  • Facebook Codes 1.0

    To customize the facebook view and use different smiles facebook Codes is a small and ultimate program to do so. Installing themes will change your facebook profile. This program provides direct access to the
  • Iwm Transfer SMS 2.3

    Iwm Transfer SMS is an application designed for cellphones running Microsoft Windows mobile 5.0 or 6.0/6.1/6.5. It can transfer SMS from Windows mobile Phone to computer;Backup SMS into Text file (.txt) or Data file