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  • Facebook Fan Page Finder 1.1

    You can target specific Facebook users visiting your website or blog. Facebook is filled with niche fan pages on any area of interest. For example,
  • Facebook Fan Page Poster 1.11

    You can target specific Facebook users visiting your website or blog. Facebook is filled with niche fan pages on any area of interest. For example,
  • Facebook Fan Page Multiple Accts Poster 1.13

    You can target specific Facebook users visiting your website or blog. Facebook is filled with niche fan pages on any area of interest. For example,
  • Home Page Cycler 1.0

    Load a different home PaGE each time Firefox
  • Personal Home Page Creator 2.02

    Create personal home pages easily and quickly with your favorite backgound pictures. Each page can have up to 30 links. And you can have up to ten
  • Home Page Information Retriever 1.0

    Now you can store and retreive all of your personalhomepage informations in a single database. Functionalso as intercomputer
  • Pro Page Sales Page Creator 1.0

    In today's world of information technology, there is great need of entering you details fast, accurately, and relevantly. This is why you should
  • Facebook Notifications for New Facebook 1.1

    Most Facebook notifications extensions seemed to break with the update to the new facebook so I've written a version to work with the new facebook as
  • PHP Login -

    A simple home made PHP/MySQL login script to protect your web PaGE content from spam and bot registrations so that only registered users can view the
  • Natural Login Pro 1.10

    Increase your Windows security level. Get rid of the weak Windows password system. Replace it with a strong, highly secure, 2-Factor (or even more)
  • Desktop Login 1

    Desktop Login uses fingerprints to provide an easy way to log on to Windows. It replaces the standard username and password login with a fingerprint
  • Asp Login MultiLanguage 1.01

    The script, written in Asp, was made for those people that need forms and administrative panels in several languages.You can easily change the
  • Final Login 2.2

    Access all your favorite web browsing content in one place and in new ways! With many websites, it can take anywhere from 5 - 10 mouse clicks just to
  • Login Sentinel

    Login Sentinel regarded as a convenient as well as simple to use tool which lets you control time, when users can login into the windows.
  • Express Login 1.1

    Express Login is an application launcher for the Egg-On-Egg Corporation's apps Express Login is an application launcher for the Egg-On-Egg
  • Password Login 6.0

    Password Only or Username-Password Protection Password Login is an amazing Windows application that will guide you through the entire process of
  • Visage Login 1.2.1

    Visage Login allows you to easily and safely customize your Mac OS X login screen. Visage keeps track of Apple's default settings for every
  • Secure Login

    A login extension Similar to Opera's Wand login. It uses the built-in Password manager, but deactivates the prefilling of login
  • Login Manager 2.2

    Due to customer demand we are Now making our award winning product Login Manager Corporate Edition available for personal use. Login Manager Personal
  • Admin-Login-Only 2.3

    Admin-Login-Only software lets you easily add password protected pages to your website using just PHP. A database is NOT needed. Works on any web
  • LogFile Login 1.0.1

    The best instant messenger of yahoo and MSN with super
  • FrontMotion Login

    FrontMotion Login is the next generation logon interface for Windows NT, 2000 and Windows XP. It goes beyond the normal Microsoft Windows logon and
  • JS ASP Login Script 3.20

    Designed for helping you with IIS web server troubleshooting errors Diagnostics. Easy, hassle Free Setup. Setup sequence: Save arrived zip file
  • Login/Authentication -

    This is a script of
  • AMUST 1-Login 2.0

    AMUST 1-Login - Simple and Secure way to manage Internet logins. AMUST 1-Login is an ideal product for those who have more than one computer and
  • Jet Login Tool 1.4.3553.40257

    Allows automatic logging in the Jet Internet Billing (JetIB) system without having to deal with the popup, etc. The Jet Login Tool also has a number
  • Windows Login Recovery 5.0

    Have you ever been locked out of your computer? When you have lost the key to your house, the situation is better, for you can even break the door
  • Aloaha Smart Login 5.0.90

    Aloaha Credential Provider represents one of the most dramatic changes in the Windows Vista/7 logon screen, making it much easier to implement new
  • jpWare php login system 1.0

    This script is modified version of the well-known jpMasters77 script and a Open source php/mysql login system with basic template
  • TWL Login Panel Demo 6.0

    Provides a rich set of standard widgets including labels, edit fields, tables, popups, tooltips, frames and a lot more.TWL is a graphical user
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  • JFBLogin 1.1

    This project offers a simple java class to be used for any facebook authentication needs. This class allows you to simply pass the facebook application client id and show a login and authentication window, and returns
  • Face Recovery 1.0

    Face Recovery is a handy utility designed to recover your facebook account login details and passwords. You can find all passwords previously used in any computer. If you don't remember any details now you can recover
  • Facebook Ultimate

    Static top, autohiding features, enlarging pictures, shortcut keys and SSL. Also, Now testing facebook Chat on any webpage! - Changes all facebook links to SSL (Used in college for bypassing filters!) - Keeps top bar
  • Facebook Zoom 1.2

    facebook zoom is a free tool allowing to enlarge thumbnail facebook images by hovering over them with your mouse. Stay on the same page and get automatic facebook photo zoom, magnifing the images you are looking at.
  • Facebook Viral Script 3.0

    The Easy To Use 3 Step Viral Script For facebook pages That Is iframe Ready. Top Features: 3 Step Fan Engagement Process Step facebook Visitors through a simple 3 step process where you make them an irresistible
  • HGB Toolbar 6.4

    You can remove an RSS reader from your toolbar, while reserving the option to restore it at any time. Simply click on the facebook icon to open the login dialog, where you will be asked to log in by entering your
  • SuperUploader for Facebook 1.1

    SuperUploader for facebook is a Windows application for quick and easy uploading of your photos and videos to facebook. Upload Folders of photos or videos or single photos or videos. Easily specify the facebook Album
  • Facebook Chat DeskTop 1.0

    facebook Chat @Desktop is a free instant messenger (IM) that enables you to chat with your friends directly from desktop.With its advanced GUI, you can see which of your facebook friends are online or offline. With
  • EZ Facebook Overlay 0.40

    Press Ctrl + Alt + f in any tab to quickly Overlay facebook. When done with facebook, click the 'X' at the top right of the overlay or anywhere in the gray outside the overlay. V0.40 adds a Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut to
  • Belkasoft Facebook Profile Saver 1.0

    Belkasoft facebook Profile Saver is a free tool to save the content of facebook users' profiles for offline use. Designed for computer forensic and IT security specialists, Belkasoft facebook Profile Saver automates the
  • Chit Chat for Facebook 1.53

    Chit Chat for facebook is a Social & Communication software developed by Daniel Offer. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Chit Chat for
  • Secure Login Helper 1.2

    Many sites have their Default login pages on regular http, but also offer login over SSL (such as Twitter, Hotmail, and facebook). This extension automatically redirects users to SSL login pages if possible. The goal
  • Facebook Chat @Desktop 1.0

    Olcinium facebook Chat @Desktop is a free instant messenger (IM) that enables you to chat with your friends directly from desktop.With its advanced GUI, you can see which of your facebook friends are online or offline.
  • Beautify Facebook 1.0.9

    Makes facebook a little bit nicer to look at Features -A nice gradient background -Shadows -Rounded corners -Transparency -Navigation bar fixed in position -Changes the title of the page -Shows user's ages on their
  • YggDore Sky Gate Toolbar 0.4

    Input field of login ID and password are added on the browser when the add-on instalation is completed.The users can use it and login various service. If you have installed YggDore Sky Gate Toolbar, you are able to click
  • Facebook Fan Page Finder 1.1

    You can target specific facebook users visiting your website or blog. facebook is filled with niche fan pages on any area of interest. For example, you could pick a fan page of yoga, weight loss, your favorite musician,
  • FBMonitor 1.1

    FBMonitor is a desktop version of facebook, which has the advantage over the Web version that needs no browser and no ads on facebook, can inform the user about new statuses by alarm and desktop window with a status.
  • Naevius Facebook Layouts 1.0

    Naevius facebook Layouts is a convenient tool for styling your facebook layout. Using the application you to embellish your facebook layout beyond recognition. They also make your profile look cool, and they're FREE so
  • LogCircle 1.0 Beta

    This let's you login to your daily websites in just one simple click. Advantage 1)Offcourse,No need to remember passwords. 2) You can avoid facebook from tracking your activity.(facebook tracks your activity even when
  • Home Double Click Extension 1.2.1

    Double Click home page. This add-on gives you the ability to have two home pages linked up to the home button. For example, clicking home once takes you to, http://www.example.com, clicking home twice takes you to
  • LaunchPad for Facebook 1.1.1

    LaunchPad for facebook provides a quick launching point for important facebook functionality. login once then access wall posts, messages, videos, photos, friends list, activity summary, app list, favorites and likes
  • Video Player and Photo Viewer for Facebook 1.0

    Watch all your photos/videos and photos/videos of your friends on one place This application contains facebook Photo Viewer and facebook Video Player. FB Photo Viewer You can watch all your photos and photos of your
  • Facebook Video Downloader 1.0.1

    facebook Video Downloader is a desktop application that catches facebook web links including MP4 video from your clipboard or you enter and download them. It lets you download facebook videos easily with one simple
  • Facebook Arcade

    facebook Arcade is a web browser designed to make playing facebook games easier. facebook Arcade is a web browser designed to make playing facebook games easier. It uses no browser tabs; Therefore, it won't slow down
  • Facebook Dashboard 1.0.3

    The facebook Dashboard lets you easily change your facebook status, check messages and friend activities, as well as comment on and like or unlike posts. FEATURES ??? Easy to use interface ??? Uses facebook Connect to
  • No FB Tracking 1.3.1

    Prevent facebook(tm) to known the websites you visits. Since april 2010, facebook(tm) offer to websites a new button "I Like" for their pages, to permit you to quickly add this page on your wall. Unfortunately, the
  • Facebook Social Plugin 1.2.3

    This extension allows you to like, share and see what other people are doing at your favorite websites on facebook. Go to a website and click the facebook icon on the toolbar. A window will Open With a Share button,
  • Facebook Sharer PRO 2.0

    facebook Sharer is the best solution if you are looking: to automatically update your status or share scheduled messages on your facebook wall, to use different facebook accounts for different promotions, to manage
  • Free Joomla IM of 123 Web Messenger 1.0

    The free Joomla Instant Messaging Module allows you the ability to add 123 Web Messenger into your Joomla website. It enables your website more powerful with the 'facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar' and more
  • FaceMoods For Firefox 1.1.0

    Facemoods is a Firefox add-on for facebook Chat giving you cool Winks Emotions,Animations,and much more... just add facemoods add-on, login to facebook, chat with your friends and send them directly from the chat