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  • Facebook Account Creator 1.0.1

    Facebook Account Creator is Application that create Facebook accont easily and fast. It Avoid the copy paste method. Simply Add excel file (that
  • Facebook Notifications for New Facebook 1.1

    Most Facebook notifications extensions seemed to break with the update to the new facebook so I've written a version to work with the new facebook as
  • Account Pro 8.3.200

    ACCOUNT PRO is an efficient and user friendly finance planning and forecasting accounting program intended for small/medium enterprises and
  • 1st Account 1.3

    A single-entry accounting application for managing personal and small business finances. Features include individual Income and Expense Transaction
  • Account Pro Invoice 2.0.323

    If you are managing any kind of business, you should have an effective way through which you manage all the documents related to your business easily.
  • Account&See Invoicing 2.9.7

    Account and See Invoicing is a professional solution for all your invoicing, auto-repeating invoices, pro-formas, estimates and quotations printed
  • Account Xpress 3.8.7

    One of the major things that fails many people or business is money management, and it is important to use a method that will help you to reconcile
  • My bank account 2010 v7.1

    Manage easily and safely your personal bank accounts (accounting) It is complete software for bank account management and personal assistant. His
  • 1-4-all Account lite 2.0.4

    See also 1-4-all Account Enterprise our expanded edition.As an entrepreneur you want to do business not the books. But to make profit it is necessary
  • Goods Account 1.2

    Goods Account will help you keep in a good order all information about your things. But Goods Account is not a program that only stores these text
  • Body Account 1.1

    Body Account program is for those people who care about their bodies weight and shape. It enables you to monitor how many calories (and of what
  • AccStar Account 4.1

    AccStar is a neat-simple-but-powerful, easy-to-use, full-featured accounting system. AccStar simplifies your business operation regardless of the
  • Account Checker 1.2

    If you use eBay, AdSense, AdWords or Digg.com, then Account Checker is a MUST for you. It enables users to monitor these sites and services without
  • Account Suitcase 1.1.0

    Account Suitcase Toolbar is an efficient and user-friendly login auto-fill and secure password keeper that enables you to fill out login forms to
  • Account Leader 9.0

    This program includes complete Financial Accounting Management with Excise, Service Tax, VAT and many other exclusive accounting features to manage
  • ESE Account Manager

    The ESE Account Manager is a tool which you download on to your computer and install. This program plays an important role in the overall ESE
  • Account Office 3.003

    State of the art interface for this Accounting Software based on 3D pictures and IBM voice sintesis (english, spanish, french). All accounting
  • Saving Account 1.0

    Saving Account will tell you how much money you have in your bank account over a period of
  • soho-account 0.2.0

    A book keeping program for personal / home / office use. Thanks to Harbour-project and Linux for giving my code, a new lease of life. I am releasing
  • TFS Account Vault 1.0

    TFS Account Vault for Windows allows you to store all your account information in one Safe Place on your computer in an encrypted database secured by
  • Account Centaur 1.4

    AccountCentaur is a personal Account Manager for logging in day to day expenditures you make at your home. It is meant to help your entire family to
  • WHM Account Manager 1.7

    WHM Account Manager is designed to manage clients on Web servers and Web host managers/resellers Client management Fill in your Access Key, username
  • Account Manager 2.10

    Manages the password, full name and description of local accounts on multiple remote systems. Using a wizard style interface you can select which
  • Account Safe 1.08

    Account Safe stores all of your usernames and passwords in a single encrypted archive. You can access information for all of your accounts with a
  • Account Sweeper 1.01

    Account Sweeper is a software security tool for computers and electronic devices - aimed at protecting users' confidential files and personal
  • Account Monitor 1.3

    Account Monitor can retrieve and display user information from the Active Directory. Do it quickly, clearly, and concisely. Export the information
  • eZ Account Import

    eZ Account Import enables you to easily import your online banking data into QuickBooks in just a few clicks. It supports the reading of all standard
  • Account&See Professional Invoicing 3.0.40

    Account&See Invoicing, Accounting and Inventory Professional is your one-stop business finance solution. It creates, prints and e-Mails Invoices,
  • Local Account Manager

    Local Account Manager is a tool you can use to manage local user and group accounts. With Local Account Manager you can easily add, modify, delete
  • Account Plan 2008 1.0

    Create an Account Plan quickly, and take the guess work out of Account planning. We can cut the time in half, and create a more effective Key Account
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  • Facebook Exporter for iPhoto 1.0.6

    facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac has a single role to play. facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac is a plug-in to iPhoto that allows you to export your photos from within iPhoto into your facebook account. The app
  • Free Uploader for Facebook 1.0.12

    Upload videos and images to facebook using Free Uploader for facebook! Free Uploader for facebook. Upload videos and images to facebook! facebook is an organically grown social network and DVDVideoSoft, as a
  • fTalk 2.0

    fTalk is a free Instant Messenger that lets you chat with all of your facebook friends right from your desktop. The friends list displays friends that are online on facebook at any given moment, and a tray notification
  • Facebook News Feeds Reader

    facebook News Feeds Reader described as a handy, smart and effectivetool that allows you to read your news feed posts. Now you can always stay connected to your facebook account with the help of this handy and
  • ArchiveFacebook 1.1

    Archivefacebook is a free tool that allows you to save content from your facebook account directly to your hard drive. Archive your photos, messages, activity stream, friends list, notes, events and groups.
  • Facebook Codes 1.0

    To customize the facebook view and use different smiles facebook Codes is a small and ultimate program to do so. Installing themes will change your facebook profile. This program provides direct access to the
  • Facebook for Pokki 1.0

    facebook for Pokki is a small application that allows you to manage your facebook account right from your desktop. Stay close to friends with real-time notifications and update your facebook status right from your
  • Facebook Account Creator 1.0.1

    facebook account Creator is Application that create facebook accont easily and fast. It Avoid the copy paste method. Simply Add excel file (that give in application folder this standard file that read our application
  • Facebook Phishing Protector 2.0

    Protects you from Phishing, Scams, or XSS attacks while you're on facebook. Recently several scams have been propagated around facebook, putting your account at risk. This add-on is designed to protect you against
  • Facebook Chat DeskTop 1.0

    facebook Chat @Desktop is a free instant messenger (IM) that enables you to chat with your friends directly from desktop.With its advanced GUI, you can see which of your facebook friends are online or offline. With
  • Facebook Chat @Desktop 1.0

    Olcinium facebook Chat @Desktop is a free instant messenger (IM) that enables you to chat with your friends directly from desktop.With its advanced GUI, you can see which of your facebook friends are online or offline.
  • Social Navigator

    The Most Secure Browser Navigator For facebook and TWITTER and other's Social Networking. -Easy to use like you regular browser. -Without spyware or virus. -We don't gathering statistics from the user even
  • TwitControl 1.0 beta

    TwitControl Is a specially designed application that allows you to use a Twitter account to control certain aspects of your computer. Simply sync your existing Twitter account, and begin sending commands to your computer
  • MyChatFace 1.0

    MyChatFace: the portable facebook Chat. This tool shows your facebook chat without logging into your account from
  • Facebook Sharer PRO 2.0

    facebook Sharer is the best solution if you are looking: to automatically update your status or share scheduled messages on your facebook wall, to use different facebook accounts for different promotions, to manage
  • Facebook Devil

    Start using our facebook Devil free account creator tool today for facebook marketing. To get started, simply click on the button below and begin your download. Once the download is complete double click on the facebook
  • Facebook for Adobe AIR -

    facebook for Adobe AIR is an application that runs on your desktop. You log in with your facebook account and can then read your News Feed and publish content to your Wall and friends' News
  • Facebook Pro 1.2

    Now you can get handy face book accessories as well as can access your face book account quickly by using inclusive software facebook Pro. It supports following facebook modes: Lite and Mobile.
  • Research Toolbar 12.0

    The facebook app keeps facebook right on your browser with no need for you to navigate to the facebook website. Use the easy menu for all your usual facebook activities. Click on your facebook icon to open the menu, and
  • JiJi Active Directory Cleaner 3.4

    Active Directory Cleaner JiJi Active Directory Cleaner Tools Enables Active Directory Old Object Cleaner Active Directory Unused account Cleaner Old account Cleaner Inactive account Cleaner Active Directory Outdated
  • Facebook Chat IM 1.0

    facebook Chat IM is a free and open source Instant Messenger for facebook, with it you can chat with all your facebook friends directly from your Desktop without the need to be logged on to facebook, so you can chat
  • Facebook @Desktop

    facebook @Desktop is a light-weight client that sits in your system tray, like any other messenger software, and will alert you as soon as some new activity happens in your facebook stream. The alerts are presented as
  • Facebook Smileys 2.1

    facebook Smileys is a freeware spicing up the facebook Chat by adding Emoticons, smilies, smileys to the chat. This app will add a small arrow at the top left side of the chat bar, click it and a list of emoticons will
  • Facebook Notifications for New Facebook 1.1

    Most facebook notifications extensions seemed to break with the update to the new facebook so I've written a version to work with the new facebook as of 27th of Feb, 2010. I will update this every time facebook is
  • MyStart Social Toolbar 2.0

    MyStart Social Toolbar is the must-have facebook application to stay connected to your facebook friends. Get instant access to facebook essential bookmarks anytime, anywhere while surfing the Web with your browser.
  • Facebook Tool Toolbar

    facebook tool is the first non-Italian official toolbar that lets you keep in touch with your account even if you close the web PaGE, thanks to controls on the toolbar you'll have all the options One Click away from
  • Facecons -

    facebook is one of the greatest success stories in the History of the web. Being a facebook users, made us think, how can we enrich our time there, Many facebook apps, adds games, messaging and other trivial stuff. we
  • Facebook Spy Monitor 2.34

    facebook Spy Monitor is a facebook profile monitoring and Parental Control software. It secretly records PC users' facebook private profile, emails, chats & IMs, photos, interests, contatcts and events by taking screen
  • Face Recovery 1.0

    Face Recovery is a handy utility designed to recover your facebook account login details and passwords. You can find all passwords previously used in any computer. If you don't remember any details now you can recover
  • Facebook Beacon Blocker 1.0.0

    Protects your Privacy by blocking facebook Beacon from tracking your activities on the web. facebook Beacon is a technology that allows participating sites to report your visits to facebook. One example of a site that