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  • VueChat Customer Service 1.3

    VueChat Personal Edition is a Customer Service solution for the government and corporations that enables a web based Customer Service / online Help
  • Customer Service NicheBooklet 1.0

    Niche Content Kit gives you a framework so that you can create products that reflect your style, personality or voice. Here are just a few things
  • Customer Service Management Software 1.0

    Our Customer Service Management Software is a Microsoft?? Access?? based database application design for customer service work order management. If
  • Creating a Research Service using the Amazon Web Service API 0405

    Search and explore the vast array of books at Amazon.com using the Amazon.com research service. In addition, you can include the information returned
  • Facebook Notifications for New Facebook 1.1

    Most Facebook notifications extensions seemed to break with the update to the new facebook so I've written a version to work with the new facebook as
  • Hello Customer 1.0

    Wanted to own a Social Networking Site ever? or your business demands aggregating people in some ways? Here comes "Hello Customer". The software that
  • Customer Backup 2.0

    When it comes to small and medium sized businesses, that are seeking a versatile, powerful and yet easy method to start and maintain a Customer
  • Amphis - Customer 2.6

    Amphis - Customer is a customer database that makes it easier to generate quotes and invoices, manage your email, track unpaid invoices, send
  • Amphis Customer 3.0

    Amphis - Customer is a customer database that makes it easy to generate quotes and invoices, manage your email, keep track of who owes you money, send
  • Customer Contact 7.2

    Customer Contact is a customer relationship management tool, designed for sales people with a minimum understanding of computers without compromising
  • CRM Customer Portal 3.0.2

    Actua Software, a company specialized in agile software development focused in customer needs, announced today the release of CRM Customer Portal
  • Customer Database Pro 6.0 Rev 113

    Customer Database Pro Multi-user is a complete customer database and HELPDESK solution. CDB is designed with you, the end user, in mind. You don't
  • Customer Register 4.0.3

    Customer Register helps you to keep in touch with your customers. It is designed to store Contact Details and allow you to find them based on
  • Customer Tracker 2.7.3

    Customer Tracker is a job tracking and invoicing application. Store all of your customers and clients in one program and record the jobs to do for
  • Simple Customer Support 1.0

    If other programs seem like overkill or are web based and you want a simple windows based program, Simple Customer Support may be what you need. The
  • Customer Manager Buddy 2.1

    Manage customers and leads to increase sales and profits. It a complete system that is the application to track customer information such as contacts
  • MS Access Customer Template 1.1

    You have to develop a Microsoft Access Database that runs customers, suppliers, products, inventories, invoices, orders ... ? Here’s the tool for
  • Customer Manager for Workgroup 3.8

    Powerful, easy to operate software system for storing and managing customer records, service locations and service history with the additional
  • Instant Customer Tracker 1.0

    Instant Customer Tracker is your total solution for Customer Tracking and e-mailing your Customer base. With Instant Customer Tracker, you can track
  • Scan To Sage Customer 3.2

    Scan and save as PDF: Attach direct to Sage Customer Account. Simply place the documents in the scanner's sheet feeder, click on the scan button,
  • Atodos - Customer and Vendor 1.6.1

    Atodus - Customer and Vendor is a complete, multi-user, customer database, and help-desk solution. Atodus - Customer and Vendor keeps track of your
  • Customer Appointment Manager 7.0

    Book appointments faster with Customer Appointment MANAGER scheduling software! You won't have to put customers on HOLD or make them wait in silence
  • Customer Support Organizer Pro 2.7

    Customer Support Organizer Pro,database software for Windows. Simple database management system that helps you to organize, track, and manage your
  • Customer Invoice Template 2.0

    The Customer Invoicing Template is an invoice template with the ability to store Invoices, products and customers and perform advanced invoice sales
  • Customer Manager Buddy Pro

    Customer Manager Buddy 2.1 lets you track leads and
  • AudioConvert customer discount 1.3

    AudioConvert is a professional solution for converting, ripping, transforming and recording all types of audio files. Some features of AudioConvert
  • Customer Relationship Management v1.0

    # Relation History trackingRelation history tracking enables you to track the history of all your customers, and classifiedthem as workable or
  • Customer Appointment Manager Pro 6.0.16

    Customer Appointment Manager Pro allows your customers to request appointments online, even when your business is closed. Main features: - Schedule
  • Customer Feedback Form 1.2

    As most are aware, nearly all contributions on this website are based on having one 'Catalog/***.pgp file' consisting of PHP and html to create the
  • Customer Support Tool

    Customer Support Tool is a one of its kind application aimed at providing multiple people simultaneous access to customer support E-Mails.
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  • FBVPN 1.0

    FBVPN is one of the leading VPN provider, provide fast and reliable VPN service with an affordable price, only $5 per month. You can access facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Flickr with our service in the country with internet
  • Facebook Chat for Pidgin 1.68

    This is a facebook chat plugin for Pidgin and libpurple messengers. It connects to the new facebook Chat IM service without the need for an API key.Currently the plugin can log into the facebook servers, grab the buddy
  • Barracuda CRM 1.2

    customer Relationship Management system for the growing customer-oriented sales and service enterprise. Easy-to-access features include customer and Contact Management, activity scheduling and tracking, order
  • Egsoft After-sale Service 4.51

    Egsoft After-sale service is a process for handling customer service software, Can be very convenient for customer, service, maintenance, commodity parts, warehouse, staff and assessment, accounts, and the re-visit and
  • Web-based CSM Software 1.0

    This is a Access 2010 web-based customer service Management Software. It designs for customer service work order management. If your business involves installation, maintenance and service of Equipment this database
  • Service Master Server 4.9

    service Master is a software tool designed to replace the manual paper trail for service Companies. service Master provides you with the capability to log the first contact with the customer all the way to closing the
  • Facebook Sharer PRO 2.0

    facebook Sharer is the best solution if you are looking: to automatically update your status or share scheduled messages on your facebook wall, to use different facebook accounts for different promotions, to manage
  • Queuing Model Excel 30

    The Queuing Model will calculate the optimum number of customer service points (staff) to minimize costs for your business. It considers the average arrival rate of customers, the average customer service rate, the cost
  • Facebook Exporter for iPhoto 1.0.6

    facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac has a single role to play. facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac is a plug-in to iPhoto that allows you to export your photos from within iPhoto into your facebook account. The app
  • Research Toolbar 12.0

    The facebook app keeps facebook right on your browser with no need for you to navigate to the facebook website. Use the easy menu for all your usual facebook activities. Click on your facebook icon to open the menu, and
  • MapPoint Web Service Download API Sample 1.0

    The MapPoint Web service customer Data service, which you can use to upload your point-of-Interest data to the CSS programmatically, was introduced with MapPoint Web service, version 3.5. Now, the customer Data service
  • Facebook Chat IM 1.0

    facebook Chat IM is a free and open source Instant Messenger for facebook, with it you can chat with all your facebook friends directly from your Desktop without the need to be logged on to facebook, so you can chat
  • Customer Service Management Software 1.0

    Our customer service Management Software is a Microsoft?? Access?? based database application design for customer service work order management. If your business involves installation, maintenance and service of
  • FBMonitor 1.1

    FBMonitor is a desktop version of facebook, which has the advantage over the Web version that needs no browser and no ads on facebook, can inform the user about new statuses by alarm and desktop window with a status.
  • Facebook Smileys 2.1

    facebook Smileys is a freeware spicing up the facebook Chat by adding Emoticons, smilies, smileys to the chat. This app will add a small arrow at the top left side of the chat bar, click it and a list of emoticons will
  • Facebook Notifications for New Facebook 1.1

    Most facebook notifications extensions seemed to break with the update to the new facebook so I've written a version to work with the new facebook as of 27th of Feb, 2010. I will update this every time facebook is
  • Free Uploader for Facebook 1.0.12

    Upload videos and images to facebook using Free Uploader for facebook! Free Uploader for facebook. Upload videos and images to facebook! facebook is an organically grown social network and DVDVideoSoft, as a
  • MyStart Social Toolbar 2.0

    MyStart Social Toolbar is the must-have facebook application to stay connected to your facebook friends. Get instant access to facebook essential bookmarks anytime, anywhere while surfing the Web with your browser.
  • DNN IM of Facebook Like Messenger 1.0

    123 Web Messenger offers free Chat Module named DNN IM of facebook Like Messenger, and with which webmaster will be assist to integrate 123 Web Messenger with DotNetNuke and insert a free "facebook Messenger Style
  • Facebook Codes 1.0

    To customize the facebook view and use different smiles facebook Codes is a small and ultimate program to do so. Installing themes will change your facebook profile. This program provides direct access to the
  • Facecons -

    facebook is one of the greatest success stories in the History of the web. Being a facebook users, made us think, how can we enrich our time there, Many facebook apps, adds games, messaging and other trivial stuff. we
  • Facebook Beacon Blocker 1.0.0

    Protects your Privacy by blocking facebook Beacon from tracking your activities on the web. facebook Beacon is a technology that allows participating sites to report your visits to facebook. One example of a site that
  • FB Toolbar, The Toolbar for Facebook 1.01

    FB Toolbar is the must-have facebook application to stay connected to your facebook friends. Get instant access to facebook essential bookmarks anytime, anywhere while surfing the Web with your browser. FB Toolbar
  • fTalk 2.0

    fTalk is a free Instant Messenger that lets you chat with all of your facebook friends right from your desktop. The friends list displays friends that are online on facebook at any given moment, and a tray notification
  • HumanClick 2.0

    Talk with the Visitors to your web site - LIVE! Give them 2-Way, 24/7 SALES AND customer service! Monitor your web traffic in REAL-TIME! With HumanClick, the internet.s leading customer service application. Easy and
  • Omniserve365

    Your Social Networking Web Browser Omniserve 365 is a free Windows based thin client browser program with innovated FAST (smart Forward / smart Autoplay / smart Search / smart Tab) graphics user interface and integrate
  • Stop Facebook Social plugins 1.2

    Disable facebook's Social plugins. This is when facebook displays your information to you from other people's websites, for example, in boxes that include which of your friends have "liked" this. It isn't a security
  • Facebook Icon 1.0

    facebook Icon will place an Internet Shortcut on Your Desktop. Hundreds of facebook Icons that you can use for your website, chat, MSN, or any other uses. Custom made facebook icons specially designed for your site.
  • Chit Chat for Facebook 1.53

    Chit Chat for facebook is a Social & Communication software developed by Daniel Offer. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Chit Chat for
  • MyStart Toolbar 4.0.4

    MyStart Toolbar is the must-have facebook application to Stay Connected to your facebook friends. Get Instant Access to facebook essential bookmarks anytime, anywhere while surfing the Web with your browser. With