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  • Bookmark Navigator: bookmark manager 2.0

    Bookmark Navigator is a bookmark manager, it offers a brand new way of managing your Internet bookmarks. Now you can easily synchronize bookmarks and
  • Facebook Notifications for New Facebook 1.1

    Most Facebook notifications extensions seemed to break with the update to the new facebook so I've written a version to work with the new facebook as
  • Ki-BookMark 1.0.0

    How many times have you wasted a lot of your time searching for a file, folder, application or a favourite URL saved in your computer? How many times
  • SV Bookmark 2.9

    SV Bookmark is a visual bookmark manager that enables you to associate screenshots of a web site with each entry. Hovering your mouse over an entry
  • PDF Bookmark 1.07

    PDF Bookmark is a high performance server tool from Traction Software for Windows PC, Unix Aix, Linux & Macintosh OSXPDF Bookmark software
  • Bookmark All 1.3.1

    Bookmark all opening tabs quickly without any
  • Add Bookmark Here 2 3.1.20081205

    Add Bookmark Here 2 is a Firefox add-on.It can add any web pages bookmarks here.You could use it simple and
  • Bookmark.com 2.0.1

    Install the Bookmark application on your Windows PC to instantly sync your bookmarks and history across any machines, and access your bookmarks
  • Bookmark Buddy 3.9.1

    Organize your bookmarks/favorites, shortcuts and logins simply, quickly and reliably with this intuitive, feature-rich bookmark and login manager: To
  • Bookmark Master 3.13

    bookmark master can manage your favorites, keep your favorites organized,you can download the software free.BookMark Master is an easy-to-use tool to
  • Bookmark Notes 2.01

    With Bookmark Notes you can add comments and notes to your Internet Explorer bookmarks. When you hover mouse pointer over the bookmark (internet
  • Bookmark Base

    Bookmark Base is your portable collection of bookmarks. It's easy and powerful: deploy it on your USB stick and carry your bookmarks everywhere you
  • Bookmark Catalog PRO 2.0

    Bookmark Catalog PRO is powerful and easy to use bookmark manager with explorer-like interface. It can easily handle more than thousands of bookmarks.
  • Bookmark Exporter 2.41

    Bookmark Exporter is a bookmark converter program, easy to use, that allow You to convert your whole collection (or just a selection) of Bookmarks
  • Bookmark Manager 4.08

    Bookmark Manager makes working with bookmarks many times faster and easier. There is no need to look through a list of similar-looking text links
  • Bookmark House 2.1

    Bookmark House is a full-featured tool offering advanced bookmark management capabilities. The powerful browser-independent program enables you to
  • Bookmark Magic 2.32

    Bookmark Magic is an Internet bookmark conversion utility. It can convert Internet Explorer favorites, including subfolders, into Netscape
  • Bookmark Manager Pro 3.00

    Bookmark Manager Pro provides a friendly Explorer-like interface to easily move, edit, and view your stored websites. Unlike other bookmark
  • Bookmark Wizard 2.0

    Bookmark Wizard is a little program with a simple wizard-like interface that generates an HTML page with all/selected links from your Internet
  • Bookmark Publisher 1.05

    Bookmark Publisher is capable of creating HTML page that you can use for publishing bookmarks on the Net as well as for sending to your friends. It
  • Bookmark Docs 3.5

    Bookmark Docs is an exclusive application that enables you to you quickly and easily bookmark any places in documents and then return to them
  • Alive Bookmark 1.2.1

    Alivebookmark program offers the simplest possible way to bookmark a webpage or particular part of a webpage. Just select the desired area of the
  • Bookmark Flash 3.35

    Portable Bookmark Manager to organize bookmark and share favorites between IE,Firefox,Google Chrome,Safari,Opera,Maxthon,Avant and Slim browser !
  • GMail Bookmark 1.1

    GMail Bookmark 1.1 makes it easy for you to manage your bookmarks and uses your Google GMail account as a storage. You can import your bookmarks from
  • Bookmark Toolbar

    The easy to use and reliable software application panel is using internet documents for optimizing your work. It works without collecting user
  • SuperCool Bookmark 2.15

    SuperCool Bookmark is a bookmark organizer and web form filler that can collect,organize,browse and search bookmarks or email address, and fill in web
  • Bookmark Converter 3.1

    Convert any bookmarks: Netscape, IE, Opera... Convert or merge bookmarks between all big browser brands, in any direction. Netscape, Internet
  • PDF Bookmark Print 1.14

    print specific bookmarks PDF Bookmark Print is an Acrobat plug-in tool for full version of Acrobat Standard / Professional. The tool is used to
  • Bookmark-Manager 4.0.6

    There is an ???old??? Bookmark Manager, and a ???new??? one. The new project, pyBKM, is a cross-platform rendition of the tool being reviewed, and it
  • Bookmark Current Tab Set 0.2.3

    Adds options to Bookmark All tabs in a window (optionally without opening a dialog) and store them in a new bookmark folder that is given the Current
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  • EZ Facebook Overlay 0.40

    Press Ctrl + Alt + f in any tab to quickly Overlay facebook. When done with facebook, click the 'X' at the top right of the overlay or anywhere in the gray outside the overlay. V0.40 adds a Ctrl + Alt + M shortcut to
  • Bookmark Jumper for MS Word 1.0

    bookmark Jumper program enables you to insert bookmarks and navigate through the document jumping to the next or previous bookmark. for this you just have to Press three keys to insert a bookmark, and press two keys to
  • Googie 2.3

    Easy bookmark . Easy to use bookmark .bookmark your PaGE by clicking on the bookmark button ,this will add the bookmark to Googie and also on the Firefox
  • Bookmark Tags 0.5.0

    bookmark Tags has been renamed TagSifter and updated with new functionality for Firefox 3.bookmark Tags versions 0.5.0 and previous will continue to work with Firefox 2. bookmark Tags is a Firefox extension that
  • Bookmark Jumper for MS Word(1) 1.1

    If you work with long texts in MS Word, you need a program bookmark Jumper. bookmark Jumper helps you to identify important text and provides with a quick way to navigate through long documents. We offer you a
  • Facebook Sharer PRO 2.0

    facebook Sharer is the best solution if you are looking: to automatically update your status or share scheduled messages on your facebook wall, to use different facebook accounts for different promotions, to manage
  • Facebook Lite for Pokki 1.0

    A free lightweight facebook desktop app for your Windows PC. Get your latest facebook updates, right from your desktop. All the best parts of facebook are a click away with this lightweight facebook app. With quick
  • Facebook Exporter for iPhoto 1.0.6

    facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac has a single role to play. facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac is a plug-in to iPhoto that allows you to export your photos from within iPhoto into your facebook account. The app
  • Simple Google bookmarks 0.2.2

    Google bookmark with easy access to, you can use. - Main function * Right-click the bookmark Link to a PaGE to activate.(Since 0.2.2) * You can bookmark the current page. * You can open the bookmark link contained
  • Facebook App for Pokki 2

    A free facebook desktop app for your Windows PC. Get your latest facebook updates, right from your desktop. Stay up to date on all of your facebook friends and family with quick access to your news feed, messages,
  • Research Toolbar 12.0

    The facebook app keeps facebook right on your browser with no need for you to navigate to the facebook website. Use the easy menu for all your usual facebook activities. Click on your facebook icon to open the menu, and
  • Basic Bookmarks for FF3 1.5

    Hides 'bookmark Menu' and 'bookmark Toolbar' from the bookmark SideBar, allows you to arrange your bookmark structure however you like (like in FF2), and frees space in the sidebar. Works by using 'Unfiled bookmarks'
  • Facebook Chat IM 1.0

    facebook Chat IM is a free and open source Instant Messenger for facebook, with it you can chat with all your facebook friends directly from your Desktop without the need to be logged on to facebook, so you can chat
  • Socialize extension for Firefox 1.0

    Socialize lets you easily bookmark/share websites on various social networks like facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon and
  • Facebook Smileys 2.1

    facebook Smileys is a freeware spicing up the facebook Chat by adding Emoticons, smilies, smileys to the chat. This app will add a small arrow at the top left side of the chat bar, click it and a list of emoticons will
  • Incredible Bookmarks 0.6

    Create any number of bookmark toolbars to point to any bookmark folder? Populate your bookmark Toolbar with a keyword search? Color code your bookmarks so that you can find something in that list of 30 bookmarks in a
  • Facebook Notifications for New Facebook 1.1

    Most facebook notifications extensions seemed to break with the update to the new facebook so I've written a version to work with the new facebook as of 27th of Feb, 2010. I will update this every time facebook is
  • Free Uploader for Facebook 1.0.12

    Upload videos and images to facebook using Free Uploader for facebook! Free Uploader for facebook. Upload videos and images to facebook! facebook is an organically grown social network and DVDVideoSoft, as a
  • MyStart Social Toolbar 2.0

    MyStart Social Toolbar is the must-have facebook application to stay connected to your facebook friends. Get instant access to facebook essential bookmarks anytime, anywhere while surfing the Web with your browser.
  • Facebook Pro 1.2

    Now you can get handy face book accessories as well as can access your face book account quickly by using inclusive software facebook Pro. It supports following facebook modes: Lite and mobile.
  • Bookmark Docs Lite 3.14

    bookmark Docs Lite 3.14offers an easy-to-use, simple-to-install application that lets you use bookmarks with documents of various formats. It fully supports PDF documents, CHM Help files, the MSDN Library, Microsoft
  • Facebook To-Go 2.3

    Finally a way to quickly access facebook to do all the tasks as opening up the full site. This extension will notify you as soon as you get a notification with the number of Notifications displayed in a badge on the
  • Facebook Codes 1.0

    To customize the facebook view and use different smiles facebook Codes is a small and ultimate program to do so. Installing themes will change your facebook profile. This program provides direct access to the
  • Facecons -

    facebook is one of the greatest success stories in the History of the web. Being a facebook users, made us think, how can we enrich our time there, Many facebook apps, adds games, messaging and other trivial stuff. we
  • Facebook Beacon Blocker 1.0.0

    Protects your Privacy by blocking facebook Beacon from tracking your activities on the web. facebook Beacon is a technology that allows participating sites to report your visits to facebook. One example of a site that
  • PickMe Web-Online Social Bookmarking 1.0

    Save your web History, your favorites, create simple bookmarks. Want everyone to know your great find, share with the World what you have discovered. Learn what others are viewing, the recent trends. Explore the World,
  • FB Toolbar, The Toolbar for Facebook 1.01

    FB Toolbar is the must-have facebook application to stay connected to your facebook friends. Get instant access to facebook essential bookmarks anytime, anywhere while surfing the Web with your browser. FB Toolbar
  • Facebook Chat for Pidgin 1.68

    This is a facebook chat plugin for Pidgin and libpurple messengers. It connects to the new facebook Chat IM service without the need for an API key.Currently the plugin can log into the facebook servers, grab the buddy
  • fTalk 2.0

    fTalk is a free Instant Messenger that lets you chat with all of your facebook friends right from your desktop. The friends list displays friends that are online on facebook at any given moment, and a tray notification
  • Stop Facebook Social plugins 1.2

    Disable facebook's Social plugins. This is when facebook displays your information to you from other people's websites, for example, in boxes that include which of your friends have "liked" this. It isn't a security